How ASEA RENU is successfully marketing their products online

How ASEA is successfully marketing their products online

The Health and Beauty industry is overcrowded. There’s cut-throat competition. Only the very best sellers are breaking even – let alone standing out from the crowd. It’s no joke successfully selling cosmetics online. It requires great psychology knowledge and a good grasp of time-tested marketing strategies. Even though ASEA was launched in 2010, it took them 4 years to get their sales model in place. They’ve now successfully built a huge fan base for their products. What can we learn from their success? This is how ASEA RENU is doing a good job marketing their products on the internet.

1. They are selling FDA-compliant products
Before making their first sale, they had to understand how authorities work. They had to know what laws had been put in place overseeing how they could label their beauty products. They needed to have a sound knowledge on how the FDA regulated manufacturing procedures. You can’t run a successful internet business illegally, can you? We can see that all their products are registered with the FDA, they have been certified by the NSF and they comply with GMP standards too.

2. They are innovative
Innovative beauty products set them apart from their competitors. You cannot run a successful beauty shop on the internet without selling what prospective clients want. Internet users are looking for answers. They are looking for stretch mark removing products that actually work. To stay at the top of the game, you must be innovative. ASEA are innovative in their packaging and ingredients. They are providing value-added products to their farmers. Do your own research and you will realize that they didn’t just join the health and beauty industry – they redefined it.

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3. There is a buzz around the products
In the online marketing hemisphere, hype is everything. We can see many people posing with their health products on Instagram. Not once have I seen celebrities showing off their products either. We can see that ASEA owes its huge sales to their brand engagement online. Look up their official social media pages and you will understand. Do a quick Google Search of the company and you will see that many people actually use their products.

4. Their products care for all skin types
You can’t afford to discriminate. I’ve got bad news for you if you’re planning on starting an online health shop catering for a specific type of skin: you’ve already failed. Sadly, this is why most eCommerce shops never see the light of the day. It’s true that it’s easy to sell your products once you’ve niched down but you won’t go far. Trust me. Look at ASEA and learn a thing or two on how marketing really works. You’re looking to be an authority figure, aren’t you?

5. ASEA products are trendy
This manufacturer is updated on the latest internet buzz. They know what products are selling well in what parts of the group. Currently, a businesses’ online marketing strategy success is based on personalization. ASEA are watching larger brands in the industry to understand what cosmetics customers are actually spending their money on.